ARCAD Architecture Services and Trade Limited Company was established in 1993, following the traces of ARCAD Architecture Workshop, which started its operations in 1989. The founding partner of ARCAD, which was established with the aim of contributing by realizing every stage of architectural studies, Y. Architect. Zeycan Önder also carries out his architectural activities in Russia since the 1990s, with ARKON, the Russian face of ARCAD, which he established in Moscow in 2007 and has a design license. ARCAD designs buildings that meet many other important needs of human life, such as health, production, management, shopping and entertainment, accommodation, logistics, transportation/travel, starting with housing that meets basic human needs such as "sheltering" □ Following the idea project studies, Application and Detail project works, provides all kinds of architectural services required throughout the construction process, thus being in the process from the idea stage of a building until it is ready for use □ Expertise in construction technology applications and responsibility for high quality performance in design make ARCAD a distinctive position. □ ARCAD's Design Philosophy: In our globalizing world where distances become insignificant, the understanding of creating a "built environment" with the principle of achieving high quality and respectful to nature by optimizing technology and resources and interpreting user demands well, ARCAD, the location of the building and of It provides the opportunity to make designs with more unique features depending on personal preference conditions. Coordination of other disciplines such as Mechanical, Electrical, Infrastructure, and interdisciplinary coordination in this and subsequent implementation and detail project stages are carried out under the responsibility of ARCAD □ At every stage of the design process, ARCAD carries out its duties with great care and meticulousness, and fulfills its commitments completely □ User comfort, While designing sustainable buildings that take into account criteria such as respect for the environment and compatibility, aesthetics, durability, maintenance and operating costs, value engineering works that will enable them to be realized with optimum budgets, within the design process, provide an optimum investment for the investor. It creates buildings with high standards and maximum efficiency, which are completed with all budgets. □ Sustainable, building design, User and Customer satisfaction are our basic principles.